Maintenance of the monument

Yay ! with 2.8 crew and friends we achieved the impossible. Several people gave new life into the deserted cycling track in less than a few hours! You are the best guys.

Red Hook Crit 2012, Milan

 I spend last weekend in Milan. It was my best and worst trip at the same time; I had broken chain twice, destroyed front brake...and somebody stolen my wheels. But also i had great oportunity to took pictures of great riders, watch really good movies and have good time with really awesome people.
I was preparing to this trip few months so i don't wanna show you every pics in one moment. Right now some essential pics in my opinion...You can be shure will by much more.
High Five for all who enjoy this big things last weekend !


Don't steal bikes ...also wheels - it's not funny...really.

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I have to

This is 99 post ! For 100 I/We prepare something more special for You guys so keep watching !