We have brand new holiday on 6th january in the Polish callendar founded by our president and goverment call "three kings" (yeah, this guys from bible) so we decided to celebrate this day playing BikePolo all day. Enjoy.

The English have Victoria Pendleton, and we have Maja Wloszczowska.

I just come back from polish athlet of the year 2010 award. Won Justyna Kowalczyk ( cross country skiing)...again but know what ?!? I felt in love...again, again in pro bike girl. She is world champion in mountain biking and finaly she was 4th in PAOTY 2010. Maja, you are the best !

Maja Wloszczowska:

New year, court and camera.

Hell yeah, we play polo allllll day...from sunrise to sunset (12pm to 3:30pm) but it was awesome, i took some pictures to finish roll in my new (i hope) camera...and you know what ? 1/4 second is to long even for my hands althoud almost pics are unsharp i decided to show you what this machine can do. In middle future will be more classic photography and I promis next time will be much sharpen.